Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Money with CPC and CPA Networks

Joel Comm will launch his new AdSense product called 'Monthly Templates' on January 10th, 12 pm EST and if you sign up for this pre-launch announcement list to be notified about the development andrelease of this program now, you'll be given an opportunities to download his e-book called 'How to Make Money with CPC and CPA Advertising'.

This e-book will explain to you:
* what is cost-per-action ads (CPA),
* how to make money displaying CPA ads on your site and blog and
* which CPA network that is right for you.

Make Money Online by Sharing Picture is a picture sharing site that allows people to upload photos & pictures and hosted on free. There are two ways to make money in Shareapic:

1) Earn from Picture Views
Shareapic pays $0.22 per 1,000 image views. Meaning, you earn $0.22 after your pictures and photos have been viewed 1000 times by people. Thousands of image views (or even more) are achievable if you post your images in different places like myspace, large forums and ebay.

2) Earn AdSense Commission from Your Pictures
Members are allowed to place their AdSense ads on their Picture and photo pages to generate AdSense revenue. Your AdSense earning will depend on your picture page views also.

Blogspot Bloggers can now Make Money Selling Text Links

Yaro Starak, owner of has just told me a good news. bloggers can now sell text link through Text-Link-Ads (TLA). Before a blogspot's blogger can use the Text-Link-Ads service, he or she must login to the new version of and upgrade the blog's template. Here's how to upgrade the blog's template

After login to new version - 'Click Template' > click 'Customise Design' > and click 'upgrade Your Template'.

You can always revert back to your old template if you don't like the upgraded template but then you will not able to sell text links.

This can be a great source of income as there has been a number of bloggers making hundreds of dollar monthly sell text link via TLA system. As I mentioned in my previous post, The selling price per text link will depend on your Blog's Google PR, traffic and where you place the text link. The higher the PR and traffic the more money you can make.

Make Money Online with Google Arbitrage System

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe , a Certified Google AdWords Qualified Individual is currently invitating people to join his private club to learn how to make money with Google AdWords arbitrage system. Nana has prepared a series of video training in his club to teach people how to make money with the system.

Google Adwords arbitrage system is where you become an AdWords advertiser and pay money to advertise your website on Google in order to earn Google AdSense revenue through the website. As long as your AdSense revenue greater than your AdWords cost, you make profit. It is not easy to success with this system, but after learning the tricks and strategies from Nana Gilbert you might be able to make a steady income with this system.

You'll learn everthing about Google arbitrage system in the club, including how to find a profitable niche using keyword tools, building an AdSense site of the niche that meets Google AdWords criteria, ways to optimise AdSense ads, AdWords secrets and strategies and much more.

Get Paid to Display Banner Ads on Your Website

BetterThanBanners will give Amazon vourhers to webmasters who display their advertisers banner ads. You'll receive a £10 vourcher for just signing up as a publisher of BetterThanBanners and then you'll get a £5 vourcher every month for displaying their banner ads on your website. You don't need to have a high traffic site to join
their network. All you need is a mini site with English content. BetterThanBanners has 2 webites:

The difference between the above 2 links is that the .com one will give you vouchers for (pounds) and the .net one will give you vouchers for (dollars).

You can also make money referring new publisher who then place a banner on his site.

Make More Money Online by Joing Affiliate Program is a Australia's consumer opinion site that provide a platform where people can rate and give opinion on the products and services they have used. ProductReview is currently looking for webmasters to join their affiliate program. They will pay

- AUD10 for signing up their affiliate program.
- AUD0.05 per unique visitor send to their site.
- AUD0.50 for each approved review submitted by your visitors.

The minimum payout is AUD50. If you become their affiliate, you will display their banner or text link on your website to earn money. This can be used in conjunction with AdSense as long as there is no ProductReview's text ads involved.

Make Money by Completing Tasks in Amazon Mechanical Turk

There are people in Amazon Mechanical Turk willing to pay you anywhere between $0.00 to $2.00 for completing a task. They have about 100 tasks available in their
database. You can choose any tasks to complete and you will earn money for each tasks approved by the requester. Also some of the tasks offer bonus reward for your good work. Your earning will first credited to your Amazon account where you can convert it into cash at any time by transferring it to your personal checking account. Alternatively you can transfer your credit to your Amazon Gift Certificate balance.