Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Allowed with AdSense or Not

Most of peoples who have read the AdSense TOS, are worrying and asking everyone about which advertisement network is allowed with AdSense so they can earn more without breaking AdSense terms of Services.

Why Other Advertisement Networks?

Earning more and more money, this is everyone wants when he thinks about AdSense. But not everyone succeed to get enough profit only with AdSense. So they think about others to join with AdSense so they can get small profit from every program and as a result a big profit overall.
But AdSense has clearly said in their TOS that no contextual ad networks are allowed to place ads with AdSense. So if you did , you will break the TOS and definitely lose your account.
There are many advertisement networks which are not contextual based. A contextual ad is that, which changes its advertisement links according to the content of the page in which it is placed. Best example is AdSense. Every time you reload the page, its ads are changed. So it is a contextual ad.

Amazon affiliate ads are allowed with adsense. Amazon is another earning program which can give you a small profit. Other than it, Chitika is best for you if you have a product related website. Because chitika eminimalls are not Contextual, you can use them with AdSense.
AdBrite is not allowed because it produces links by looking into content of pages.
There are a lot of CPM ad network you can try with AdSense. CPM networks can give you a huge profit if you have a large number of daily visitors. CPM network ads works on Cost Per 100 impressions. So every time an ad viewed for 1000 times, you will got $$. And best of all, you don’t need to worry about Clicks.
Remember always not to choose an advertisement program for your site which is contextual based. Because using this type of ads with AdSense can ban you from AdSense. Oh yes, if you are already Banned then you are free to go with any network :)

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