Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Instant Solution to Making Money with Google AdSense

Cody Moya has just launched his new membership site. People who join his membership site will receive hundreds of AdSense templates come with private label content (fresh content) that are ready to upload to your webhost and publish on the Internet to start making money online with AdSense.

You can make short term income with AdSense by publishing a number of websites in different categories and drive traffic to each of them. If each site make you $1 in average and you have 10 sites, that will be $10 per day and $300 for a month. No bad huh!

For long term, I suggest you do some modification and customisation to the templates and also add your own original articles to the sites to avoid being seen as duplicate site by search engines and increase your website positions.

The membership fee is $97 monthly. You will also receive a lot of free bonuses becoming their member that will help increase your AdSense earning.

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