Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post HYIP News Articles and Earn e-Gold is a website that designs to be a news resources center for HYIP investors. The site's owner currently welcomes anyone to join and post HYIP news and articles to his site. Members will be paid by e-gold for the content they posted and below are the pay rates copied from the site:

Pay rates are (equal to US Dollars in e-gold):
Points for your article: 5.0
Points for someone else article: 1.0
Points for an experts answer: 0.5
Points for submitting a hot topic found online: 0.3
Points for posting an Interview: 5.0
Points for Interview found online: 0.5
Points for posting News: 1.0
Points for News found online: 0.3
Payouts: every week directly to your e-gold account!

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