Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video Training to Help You Start Making Money Online

Jonathan Street an Internet marketer is giving away a two and a half hours video training program to teach people to make money online by starting an online business. Here's the link to download the video training.

Here's what you will learn:

- How to identify your own passions and hobbies.
- How to find a niche with minimal competition by using free and low cost tools.
- A free way to find out what your customers will buy from you.
- Finding someone else to make the exact product people want to buy from you.
- Setting up multiple streams of autopilot income.
- How to create a website and set up an autoresponder.
- How to start a viral marketing campaign that will promote you website for 365 days a year.
- Free marketing techniques that will drive massive traffic to your website.
- How to recruit hundreds of top affiliates to promote your products and much more.......

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