Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Training

Here are 5 free audio and video Internet marketing lessons from Kevin J. Rohan which are helpful in starting and growing an online business.

Lesson 1
- Why Internet Marketing? 

- What is Internet Marketing?
- Researching Your Market.
- Resources
- Tools For Your Business.
- Hosting Accounts, Dedicated Servers

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Lesson 2 

- Web Design, 
HTML, Website Designers, Website templates , Keys To Selling On The Internet. 
- Traffic.
- Google Adwords, setting up Google Adwords.
- Keywords, Pay-Per-Click, Daily Budget.

-Google Overvie, Writing Your Ad
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Lesson 3
- Sales Letters, Copy Writing Concepts, Chunks, Bullets
- Tracking, Tracking Resources
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Lesson 4
- Information Products, EBooks, Interviews, Product Formats, Definitions
- Audio and Video
- Software
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Learn 5
- Autoresponder, Basic, Follow-up, How To Utilize Your Autoresponder
- Following
- Teaching
- Creating Value
- Autoresponder Resources
- Autoresponder System
- List Building Strategies That never fall
- Name Capture Pages
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There are more lessons to come. So if you are interested to learn more about internet marketing you may go to to sign up the Internet Marketing Boot Camp newsletter.

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