Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make Easy Money with HYIP

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is a investment program that anyone can join online and deposit fund, in return the member will earn high interest in short period of time. There are tons of HYIPs on the Internet and most of them are closely monitored by HYIP rating sites and HYIP forums.

HYIPs have different investment plans. The interest and return offered by HYIPs usually anyway between 0.3% to 100% daily, weekly or monthly. You can make fast and easy money investing HYIPs. However investing in HYIPs involve high degree of risks. HYIPs generally stay online anywhere between 1 day to 1.5 years so if the HYIP you invested closes down, you may lose all or part of your initial capital. One strategy you can use to minimize the risk is diversify your investment into several HYIPs equally and don’t leave any interest in your investment accounts for compounding, withdraw your interest from your HYIP program to your e-currency account immediately. HYIPs that rank high on rating and monitor sites tend to last longer than those at lower rank and those new HYIPs.

You can find HYIPs from those HYIP rating and monitor sites. is one of the biggest HYIP rating and monitor sites. They provide a long list of HYIPs with latest comments, rating and payment status on each HYIP. If you plan to join HYIPs, invest only the amount you afford to lose because your principle and profit aren’t guaranteed. Also you will need an e-currency a/c to deposit fund and receive interest & return. Below are steps that can help you get started to invest in HYIP:

Step 1
Open an e-currency a/c. Liberty Reserve is the largest e-currency now and widely used for HYIP investment. So you need to open a Liberty Reserve a/c to get started in HYIP investment. You will find detailed instructions on how to add fund and withdraw fund in

Step 2
Visit and find the HYIPs that interest you. Read the comments and ratings of each HYIP to make sure they are paying to members before you deposit fund to the HYIPs programs you selected. To lower your risk you must diversify your investments into several HYIPs (you may start off with HYIPs).

Step 3
Most HYIPs pay daily. So you need to login to your HYIPs a/c daily to withdraw interests to your Liberty Reserve a/c. If a HYIP's website down, there could be 2 possibility:

1) They are experiencing technical, IT problems or security issues which will be back online later usually.
2) They have closed down and you lose money or you still earn some money overall.

Again high return means high risk. So only invest the amount you afford to lose.

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