Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start an Online Business Fast and Easy?

The fastest and easiest way to start an online business is buy a turnkey e-commerce website. A turnkey website is a website that ready to generate sales and make money online. The website is completely functional and provided with everything you need.

Where to buy a turnkey website?

There are many companies offering a turnkey website in web hosting business. These companies generally are web hosting service providers. You can own a web hosting business by joining a web hosting company’s reseller program. Many of the reseller programs usually are free to join and you are allow to set your own price for each product you selected for reselling. To search for a web hosting reseller program, you can go to Google and enter the search term 'web hosting reseller program'.

If web hosting business doesn’t sound interest to you, you may consider starting an online store. You can buy an online store for less $100 from a website calls They allow you to choose from 3,500 items with brand name such as Sony, Xbox, Panasonic and many more for reselling on your store without paying upfront for inventory. The suppliers will also handle all the packing and shipping works for you.

If you are only interested to start an affiliate marketing business. is your solution. The site will recommend you to join several popular affiliate programs. After you have joined their recommended affiliate programs, the owner of Pluginprofitsite will create a brand new professional e-commerce website for you to promote all the affiliate programs you have participated. The cost isn’t cheap; you need to pay about $50 per month for hosting your website and the affiliate membership’s fee.

To generate sales, you need to drive targeted visitors/traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more money you will make. Here are some of the techniques you can use to drive traffic to your site:

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
PPC advertising programs offer an opportunity to advertisers to promote their websites by bidding for top-listings in the search engines on the keywords of their choices. PPC advertising can drive instant traffic to your website but they can be very expensive if you don’t use them wisely. Here’s a link to download a free e-book that will teach you how to use PPC advertising effectively for your online business:

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines can bring you a lot of free targeted traffic for long term if your website ranks top in their listings. To rank high, search engines optimization is a must. Search engines optimization involves optimizing your webpages for your targeted keywords and increasing the number of websites link to your site. It will take a lot of time and effort in search engine optimization. Here’s a link to sign up for a helpful SEO tutorial:

Post Messages on Forums
You can find community forums of your niche from search engines like Google and Yahoo and join a number of them. After joining them, you can start adding a link to your website in your signature by going to the control panel of each forum. You can start posting message once you added your link. The more you post, the more people will read your message and thus the more likely your link will be clicked.

Article Marketing
Writing articles and publishing them on article directories is another free way to drive traffic to your website. You will promote your business in the article’s resource box by introducing yourself and your website. Your articles can drive thousands of visitors to your site within weeks if your content is impressive.

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